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About Us


 Boxfresh Technologies offers a wide range of technology driven and IT related products at excellent prices. As our name indicates we are always striving to think out of the Box, and to bring new and Fresh ideas to the table.

What makes us unique is the fact that we cater for the individual and the small to medium business sector, as well as the larger corporations. We do business with the added benefit of having a personal relationship with each of our clients. At Boxfresh we feel that it’s not just about the business but even more importantly it’s about the relationship with each potential client. We strive to go the extra mile in regards to the whole experience of the client, not just buying state of the art equipment, but also being well informed about the products. We offer our experience in the market to you at no additional cost. Our team is always willing to give advice and site surveys and cost analysis for your company. Our biggest priorities include offering the latest and most up to date products across various fields of the industry.


Our target market is any company or Government Department with the need to purchase, upgrade & expand their current technology Needs & products.

Our main goal is to help the client make a well informed decision about what and when to buy certain products.


Boxfresh Technologies has been in operation since September 2005.  Based in Gauteng, we have aliened ourselves with strategic partners and suppliers across South Africa, enabling us to deliver nationwide. The company started off as a computer supplier, concentrating more on the IT sector, and we have since then expanded our horizons to the wide variety of products we offer. Some of the products we offer include computers, laptops, printers, digital color copiers, multifunction copiers, Access control, CCTV,  and VOIP, PABX telephone systems. This is mainly due to a strategic look and analysis of the technology driven world we live in today. The products are always getting better and faster and more advanced every day. And to keep up with the latest technology we have implemented a system of staying on top of what happens in the technology sector both in our own country and abroad. 


We also noticed that the market for technology products can have some cash flow problems, so we decided to strategically pair ourselves with some of the leading finance houses in the industry, offering the added benefit of renting or leasing the equipment at very competitive interest rates. As well as a quick and speedy credit application process. We have since expanded into a company that is big enough to do any job, but still willing enough to care about our clients.

Boxfresh Technologies also decided to expand our products into the security sector offering a wide variety of CCTV cameras. Offering the client total piece of mind.