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Why Wireless:


  • To provide connectivity in scenarios where cable is not an option.
  • Fast, easy to deploy, and most importantly, mobile
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Wireless communication is changing the way the world communicates, and Boxfresh Technologies the complete solution.
  • We provide Fiber connections with last mile wireless connectivity. We have 3 x Fiber upstream providers with automatic failover between them.

No more long delays and interruption of service due to cable theft and poorly maintained copper networks. We control the connectivity from start to finish with fail over capabilities.



The demand for  high speed internet connectivity is growing rapidly in South Africa and as a business you can’t afford to get left behind in the growing revolution. It is imperative that you, as business both big or small, have your premises wireless enabled to provide that extra service to your market clients as well as your employees. Boxfresh Technologies offers last mile solutions for any business and connects you through one company and makes you run effortlessly.

Fibre versus DSL: worldwide broadband stats

Point Topic sheds light on the take-up of fixed broadband services at a country and

technology level across the globe

Point Topic has released its global broadband subscriber research results, which show

that fibre connections are rapidly eating into copper-based DSL’s market share.

The global broadband subscriber numbers research tracks the take-up of fixed broadband

services at a country and technology level across the globe.The research shows that at

the end of March 2014, there were 690 million fixed broadband lines worldwide. Growth

for the quarter stood at 1.9%, which is the highest it has been for 12 months and a welcome

increase on the previous quarter’s modest growth of 0.4%. “We can expect to see continued

growth in 2014 and 2015, with African and Middle Eastern countries featuring prominently,”

Point Topic said.


Copper-based DSL losing ground

A key milestone was passed this quarter, with end-to-end copper connections accounting

for less than 50% of the global fixed broadband market for the first time.End-to-end copper

continues to be the most dominant fixed broadband technology, although the total subscriber

numbers for this technology continue to fall.